The Best Gardening Communities to Find on Reddit

As helpful as (we’d like to think) reading articles about plants and gardening can be, it’s also nice to have an online community that can answer questions, give advice, and provide some horticultural inspiration. Fortunately, there are plenty of subreddits—some with hundreds of thousands of members from all over the… Read more…

New Covid-19 recovery grant applications start June 3, eligible workers get up to S$700 payout

Last Friday (May 28), the Ministry of Finance announced that lower- to middle-income workers as well as self-employed who are financially impacted by the latest Covid-19 restrictions may receive a one-time payout of up to S$700 under a new temporary grant. Under the Covid-19 Recovery Grant (Temporary) (CRG-T), eligible workers placed on involuntary no-pay leave…(Continue Reading)